;;; This file contains what's needed to make an news list.
;;; License GPL
;;; Author: Martin Quinson

;;; For now, it only contains one tag, called newsentry
;;; This create a beautiful frame of it.
;;; Args:
;;;  header: title of the news
;;;  pubdate: the publication date. The format should be: yyyy-mm-dd
;;;           because one day, I'll make a news tag, allowing to retain only
;;;           n news from the list, allowing to point to another longer list
;;;           and printing the date in the asked language. (TODO)

<define-tag newsentry endtag=required>
   <preserve header pubdate /><set-var %attributes />
   <dl class="newsentry">
       <span class="header"><_><get-var header  /></_></span>
       <span class="pubdate"><get-var pubdate /></span>
   <restore header pubdate />